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How to get largest web space for free

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There are lots of cloud storage providers and most offer free storage plans. Use CloudGOO to connect cloud drives and create one big space for you to use. Create bunches of space for free and save money. No need to use many different apps to get to all your stuff.
There's lots of free cloud storage.Connect it, use it, and save money with cloudGOO.
Think big. Create space for free.
Example: OneDrive (7GB) + Dropbox (2GB) + Google Drive (15GB) + Amazon CloudDrive (5GB) + Box (10GB) = 39GB - for free!

Be in control. One app, not many.

cloudGOO gives you one easy way to manage and access your stuff, no matter where it's stored. No need to use many different apps to get to all your stuff - simplify your life and use just one.

Move and copy stuff between drives. Automatically upload stuff to your drives. Search across all your drives. Lots of features to make it simple to use cloud storage and put you in control.

Use your stuff. Have fun.

It's your stuff in the cloud. Worry less about where it is and just get to it easily with cloudGOO. Start using your stuff in the cloud, the way you like to, no matter where it all is.

Which Cloud Drive Service Providers are suppported ? 
First version of cloudGOO will support (in no particular order), Google Drive, SkyDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Drop Box, Box, and Sugar Sync, and iCloud (on iPhone). More cloud drive providers will be supported as they develop cloudGOO in future versions.

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