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How to transfer files from dropbox to any server without downloading to your device ?

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box connect: transfer files from dropbox to youtube or any server without downloading

It's a bit tedious job to transfer your files between different servers. You download and then upload. It wastes your time and data both so, if you've same problem we are going to show you something which would make your life easy.


What is boxConnect?
boxConnect is a simple means which allows you to transfer files from your Dropbox to YouTube or any FTP Server worldwide online.

Why should I use it?
You can easily transfer files from any mobile device or computer while being abroad. Additionally it is super fast as all the files are being transferred between highend servers. Especially large files like videos are transferred at a much higher speed (usually seconds to minutes instead of hours). So you are able to save bandwith while being online with your iPad, iPhone or Android device.

How does it work then?
The first step is to pick some files from your Dropbox (via Dropbox Chooser), then authorize against YouTube or your FTP server. In a next step the files are being downloaded to our server. Finally, we upload them to theirs destinations.

What about Vimeo?
Vimeo has a more restrictive policy than YouTube. box-connect are planning to provide support for Vimeo in the near future.

Are there any security matters?
They only store tokens from YouTube or Dropbox in a session (in our database). After the files have been successfully uploaded to YouTube or the FTP server they are deleted on our site. Additionally the session values are discarded.
The FTP part is as secure as a normal ftp session (the username and passwords are transferred in plain text). They are working on a solution to provide FTPS but not every server accepts this method.

Are they planning to make a business out of this?
At the moment, their service is free of charge. We'd be happy if you could write about the service on your website or blog though :-)

I want to get in contact!
Sure, simply drop them some lines at


box connect is a small (yet!) company located at Berlin, Germany. They were in need of such a simple service for one of their other projects, namely If you want to get in contact, have questions or feedback, simply drop them some lines at

Which services / APIs did they use?
They were using quite a number of services. In random order these are the following:

FUEL CMS - a brilliant CMS based on CodeIgniter with a very good support and builtin functions. Give it a try!
Twitter Bootstrap - the well-known CSS/JS/Less Framework
Dropbox Chooser - a very good way to access your Dropbox files from the internet. Chapeau!
YouTube API - a good start to communicate with YouTube
jQuery LazyLoad - load your images asynchronously in the background

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