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How to book flights at lowest prices even if the fare increases ?

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Book cheapest flights out there, even if the price increases
We all have experienced the frustration of waiting to buy an airline ticket only to see prices increase overnight. Sometimes it's hard to buy a ticket early on because you haven't quite nailed down your travel plans. Level Skies is here so you can book your tickets later without worrying about prices rising while you wait. If fares have risen by the time you book, they’ll pay the difference.
This means if the lowest fares on the route and travel dates you searched increases by the time you book your trip you'll receive a payout.
Level Skies Cheapest Flights Once you buy your Flex Fare you have up to four weeks of fare protection. They look at the lowest published fare for your flight search when you buy you Flex Fare and the lowest published fare when you book your ticket and they pay the difference. They don’t book flights so you can book your ticket wherever you like, however you like (even with miles).

Flex Fares aren’t limited to a specific flight or even specific travel dates (you can give them a range!). The Flex Fare protects any flight that matches your selected route and travel dates. If the price increases they pay the difference. It’s that simple.

If you like, we can send you updates on changes in airfare while you wait so you know just how much you can save.
In the very unlikely event there are no available flights matching your Flex Fare terms and preferences they will promptly refund your purchase.
You can read their FAQsTerms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Happy journey, everyone!

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