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Data Compression in Brief

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data compression


Compression is reduction of a particular file which have redundant bits of data and can be expanded again. It seems mysterious, isn't it ? But, the idea is simple.

[su_note radius="9"]Compression just gets rid of redundancy[/su_note]

To be more clear, consider this:

Suppose, I have a statement "you could do whatever you want". If we assign each word a number

  1. you

  2. could

  3. do

  4. whatever

  5. you

  6. want

Then the sentence could be written as 123415 thus, making data size smaller.

We've two types of compression:

  1. Lossy: Cuts down unnecessary expansion thus, being incomplete, file is fully functional.

  2. Lossless: Returns the entire original file upon expansion.



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