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How to Connect with your friends on your lockscreen ?

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Many a times you want to message your friend, make a reply, post photos etc. and you're bored of unlocking your phone each and every 5 mins. so here's an app for ANDROID users.

Connect with your friends right on your lock screen. Leave notes, drawings and photos for them to see when they switch on their phones.


LokLok replaces your standard lock screen with a shared white board that is always in sync between you and whoever you are connected to.
When you connect with one or more people your lock screens become synchronised. You will all see the same screen every time you switch on your phones. Whatever one of you does on that screen is updated on everyone else’s phone immediately and silently.

How to Connect with a friend in LokLok ?


• Grab your phone and it’s there, start drawing without unlocking your phone
• Leave a note for others, it’s the first thing they’ll see when they reach for their phone
• Use it with your significant other or a group of close friends and stay in touch throughout the day
• Works like a white board, erase what’s there or draw over it
• Take a photo to put on your friend’s screen and draw over the photos they take
• Share your images on social media
• Groups are completely private, nobody can see you or search for you
• No history is saved, once you erase it it’s gone


How does LokLok work?
When you install the app, it replaces your standard lock screen with a new one where you can draw and place photos. If you invite a friend or accept someone’s invitation, both your lock screens become synchronised, so whenever one of you draws the other person’s phone is instantly updated.
How do I invite my friends?
You can send them an invite from the app by typing an email address or selecting one from your contacts. Please note that LokLok uses the google account from your Android phone, so you should send your invites to your friend’s google email address. As an alternative, you can link your facebook account to find friends who are already using LokLok.
Can I use it as a Widget?
Yes, you can. You can also disable the lock screen from the app settings, but you probably won’t see when other people update it.
Can I use it on my tablet?
Yes, you can.
Can I use photos from my gallery?
Yes, any app that lets you share an image with other apps in your phone will allow you to place the photo on LokLok.
Can I be in more than one group?
Yes, you can be in up to 3 different groups.
Sometimes I see my old lock screen for a moment before LokLok shows up, why is that?
Android imposes some restrictions – mainly for security reasons – on how apps can replace the standard lock screen. Sometimes it prevents LokLok from displaying immediately, like right after you’ve pressed the home button. They’re working hard on finding a solution and we’re hoping that upcoming versions of Android offer an alternative.
Where are the images uploaded to?
They’re uploaded to loklok's server so they can synchronise it with the people in your group. They only keep the latest image on each group, so if you want to delete it from our servers you just have to clear your screen.
Where’s the iPhone version?
LokLok takes full advantage of Android’s possibilities for customisation. Apple has a strict policy and doesn’t allow any apps to take over the phone’s lock screen. They are currently working on an iPhone version of LokLok, which will be slightly different but cool anyway. They will announce the release date soon.

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