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Why Women Change Surnames After Marriage

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Could I ask you this question, why women change their surnames after marriage ?

I also have responses from some people, first many women said, they did it because it is convenient and the others say this is woman's way of showing their love to their hubby. If this is so, then I question,  a man should also change his surname to show love to her wife, right ? Of course, this is what we call reciprocal love. Also, if the woman does not change her surname could we assume that she didn't love her husband ? Similarly, if a man didn't change his surname after marriage, could we assume that he didn't love her wife; Sounds funny naa.

Why does women always have two surnames but not men ? The best thing to do in such a situation would be -
we are made for each other and we love each other a lot; we should have common surnames

They both should forego their surnames and invent a new one, which suits their first name.

But ask any man to forego his surname, would he agree heartily ? In 95% of the men, it was, on the best side, laughable, and on the worst, would hurt their male ego - that how could you even suggest a thing like that.

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