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Backing Up Reddit Data

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reddit backupPresently holding Alexa Rank 45, Reddit prides itself on it's users ability to find and share datasets with each other. It also opens itself upto budding researchers and geeks, letting anyone analyse its user data. But, situation is reversed when it comes to individual content stored in the site. There is apparently no way for a user to download his/her personal data as a backup, which is a shame given the richness of a site's content. The best you can do for backing up individual content(Comments, Submitted Links, Posts, etc.) is to save pages as HTML. Or burn it as a series of RSS feeds.

How to burn RSS feeds ?

  1. Login to reddit.

  2. Click  on preferences in the top right corner.

  3. Click on RSS feeds tab.

  4. Click on a specific service under private listings, private profiles, or inbox for which you would like to generate RSS feed.

  5. Copy and paste the feed into whatever feed reader you use.

[su_note radius="9"]This will not save data to your computer, but will allow you to access historical Reddit data easily without having to browse through the website itself.[/su_note]

Advantages of burning RSS feeds

  • Comparatively easy navigation.

  • User friendly interface.

  • No distractions.


You don't have any way to save your metadata, like Internet Karma or Gold earned.

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