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IRCTC Official app for android

Android users, wait is over now, IRCTC has launched an app for android platform called, the IRCTC connect. The app is already available Google Play Store for download.

Features of IRCTC Connect

  1. One step login.
  2. Search trains.
  3. Book, view and cancel tickets.
  4. New user registration.
  5. Retention of passenger data.
 Rail ticketing now made simpler just by SWIPE and SHUFFLE, SELECT and BOOK. Install the newly launched IRCTC android app and book a railway ticket anywhere in India at your fingertips. description at playstore
 This app is compatible with Android 4.1 and above. Download APP.

Predict if you would get confirmed ticket or not

Are you in College ? Or, you have to travel frequently ? Do you take risks of booking a waitlisted ticket ?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, here's a tool with which you can predict, whether you would get a confirmed ticket or not.  According to the developer, ticket confirmations follow certain trends. Before boarding your train, you can also check the status on Android devices as well with their ConfirmTkt app or through their website Confirmtkt.

Developer says

“We personally experienced the difficulties of getting a train ticket to travel to our native places. Whenever we try to book a ticket it would show waiting list. We used to book tickets by analyzing the past trends manually. So we thought why can’t we build something which can analyze and tell you whether to book or not.”

ConfirmTkt predicts the future status of PNR’s in seconds based on historical trends. It also assists you in deciding whether to book or not if the train is in waitlist.

Confirmtkt allows you to

  • Predict your ticket confirmation chances if you have a waitlist ticket.

  • PNR status check.

  • Subscribe for the PNR confirmation notifications.

  • Search trains between a desired source and destination pair.

  • Compare all the ticket confirmation chances for the trains on a single screen and decide on the travel options.

According to developers,

All you need is a valid PNR. Enter the PNR and click ‘Get status’ button to get all your PNR information instantly. ConfirmTkt shows the ticket confirmation chances with in a fraction of seconds. Once you have finished your PNR status check, if your ticket is in waitlist/ RAC and you want to be notified when your ticket gets confirmed. Then just enter a valid email ID to subscribe for PNR confirmation notification we handle the rest. Once your PNR gets confirmed they will send you an email notification with the detailed PNR information.

ConfirmTkt prediction algorithm has been thoroughly tested on about 2500 trains and achieved an overall accuracy of 88%. It took them 2 years to develop an algorithm with such an accuracy. “Do not worry about the accuracy, we will take care of it,” they say. The ticket confirmation chances may vary from a holiday/weekend to a normal day. As a result this 2 person team maintains ticketing trends for holidays /weekends separately and predict accuracy based on that.

  • If the confirmation chances are above 70% then they interpret it as ‘Confirm’

  • If the confirmation chances are between 30% and 70% then they interpret as ‘Probable’

  • Anything below 30 % is interpreted as ‘No Chance’.

As a message for future entrepreneurs, they said “Don’t be afraid to take risk. If you want to solve some problem that nobody else dared to solve and are passionate about it then just do it.”

Backing Up Reddit Data

reddit backupPresently holding Alexa Rank 45, Reddit prides itself on it's users ability to find and share datasets with each other. It also opens itself upto budding researchers and geeks, letting anyone analyse its user data. But, situation is reversed when it comes to individual content stored in the site. There is apparently no way for a user to download his/her personal data as a backup, which is a shame given the richness of a site's content. The best you can do for backing up individual content(Comments, Submitted Links, Posts, etc.) is to save pages as HTML. Or burn it as a series of RSS feeds.

How to burn RSS feeds ?

  1. Login to reddit.

  2. Click  on preferences in the top right corner.

  3. Click on RSS feeds tab.

  4. Click on a specific service under private listings, private profiles, or inbox for which you would like to generate RSS feed.

  5. Copy and paste the feed into whatever feed reader you use.

[su_note radius="9"]This will not save data to your computer, but will allow you to access historical Reddit data easily without having to browse through the website itself.[/su_note]

Advantages of burning RSS feeds

  • Comparatively easy navigation.

  • User friendly interface.

  • No distractions.


You don't have any way to save your metadata, like Internet Karma or Gold earned.

Data Compression in Brief

data compression


Compression is reduction of a particular file which have redundant bits of data and can be expanded again. It seems mysterious, isn't it ? But, the idea is simple.

[su_note radius="9"]Compression just gets rid of redundancy[/su_note]

To be more clear, consider this:

Suppose, I have a statement "you could do whatever you want". If we assign each word a number

  1. you

  2. could

  3. do

  4. whatever

  5. you

  6. want

Then the sentence could be written as 123415 thus, making data size smaller.

We've two types of compression:

  1. Lossy: Cuts down unnecessary expansion thus, being incomplete, file is fully functional.

  2. Lossless: Returns the entire original file upon expansion.


Backup, Necessary Or Not ?


To Backup or not to.

We are living in a digitally and technologically sound world. As we are becoming more and more digital, the risk of data is increasing simultaneously. You can think of your data residing anywhere - PC, mobile, etc. in the form of documents, images, videos, etc.

A data backup is the result of copying or archiving files and folders for the purpose of being able to restore them in case of data loss. Data loss is caused by many things ranging from computer viruses to hardware failures to file corruption to fire, flood, or theft (etc).

What if your precious moments, the moments you've captured and preserved for so many years are lost because of storage failure, malicious programs, device theft, etc.

Backups don't seem important to you until the day you need them and, in this cloud era, I don't think we should have a backup strategy like scheduling a backup on our computer every Monday you could carry out most your work on the cloud itself and local backups are not that much safe too, What if your Hard-disk crashes ?

Most of the people think about backup as a Geeky task which is not meant for common people. But, it's not the truth; you don't need to be a geek to set-up basic data system at your place.

Backup your data: Solutions

data backup or not

In the next posts we'll be guiding you through the Backup process in Windows. We'll show you, where copies of your online data are stored.

Yes, you could remain passive, and things could be almost indestructible but, what if you lost access to, say your Facebook account ? Wouldn't that be messing up tour life ?

Our next posts will also highlight the topic data recovery, it'd be useful if you haven't already setup a backup solution. Remember it's now or never.

Sample post title

This is a sample post created by Thank Me Later.

Why Women Change Surnames After Marriage

indian marriage knot

Could I ask you this question, why women change their surnames after marriage ?

I also have responses from some people, first many women said, they did it because it is convenient and the others say this is woman's way of showing their love to their hubby. If this is so, then I question,  a man should also change his surname to show love to her wife, right ? Of course, this is what we call reciprocal love. Also, if the woman does not change her surname could we assume that she didn't love her husband ? Similarly, if a man didn't change his surname after marriage, could we assume that he didn't love her wife; Sounds funny naa.

Why does women always have two surnames but not men ? The best thing to do in such a situation would be -
we are made for each other and we love each other a lot; we should have common surnames

They both should forego their surnames and invent a new one, which suits their first name.

But ask any man to forego his surname, would he agree heartily ? In 95% of the men, it was, on the best side, laughable, and on the worst, would hurt their male ego - that how could you even suggest a thing like that.

What do you think ? Tell us in the comments section...