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How to control your kids' device usage ?

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When your child first learned to ride a bike, did you simply put her on a two-wheeler and let her go?
Child learning to ride a bike

Probably not.  It was a process, moving from a tricycle to training wheels to a two-wheeler.  You were on the sidelines coaching her through the entire process.

It's the same with TimeAway.  This app lets you put boundaries on the internet, so your kid can gradually learn to become a responsible citizen of the internet.


According to the study, Kids and Apps: A New Era of Play, on children ages 2 to 14:
Children spend approximately five days a week using mobile devices such as a smartphone, tablet or iPod Touch, with an average session generally lasting just under one hour.
I think as children get older and have their own devices, they spend even longer on their devices.
It's the perfect solution for your kid's first tablet or phone.

After installing TimeAway on both the parent and child phones / tablets, you can remotely:

Set schedules, like school & bedtime monitor device usageRecieve Notification when your kids download an appset time limits on apps like instagram, facebook

  1. Monitor your kids' device usage & app downloads.

  2. Locate your kid when they are "on the go".

  3. Pause all devices for family events, like dinner.

  4. Set schedules, like school & bedtime.

  5. Create time limits for apps, like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

  6. Block apps, like SnapChat, Whatsapp.


Child Using Smartphone

  • How many kids can each parent add?
  • 6.

  • Does TimeAway work on tablets too?
  •  Yes.

  • Why did TimeAway not include "Safety Search"?
  •  All Android phones already come with Safety Search under Google Settings ---> Search & Now --> Accounts & Privacy --> SafeSearch Filter.  They recommend you select the "Safe Search" filter and block the app "Google Settings," so your kid can not change the settings.

  • Can my kid remove TimeAway from his phone?
  •  No, the TimeAway app can not be removed without the parent password.

  • What happens if my kid gets a new phone?
  •  You can disable the old phone by clicking on the three dots in the upper right hand corner & then selecting "Manage Kids".  The old account will be disabled.  You will then need to install TimeAway on the new phone under a different variation of the name (i.e., Kate New).

  • Will any apps always stay on regardless of time limits?
  •  Yes, you can set apps useful like Wikipedia, Calculator & Google Maps to "always be on."  In addition, the phone will never be blocked for safety reasons.

    You could contact the developer if you want to give any suggestions. Want to hear from you all, comment below.

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