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Want to receive a letter from your past self ? Here's how to

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If you were to write your future self a letter, what would you say? Would you give yourself advice and inspiration? Would you preserve memories the might be later forgotten? Would you write about the technology you use now so you can laugh at it in the future? Do you need to remind yourself to do something important? Or congratulate yourself for getting something done? Perhaps even tell someone something important? Well now you can with OhLife’s Time Capsule. It allows yourself to write a letter to yourself that you’ll receive on the date you specify.

If the idea of sending your future self a letter is appealing, then check out OhLife Time Capsule, a free service that will deliver your letter via email in the future, up to 10 years from when you send it. Just fill out the form below with date you want the letter sent on, write what you have to say to yourself, then provide your e-mail address and click submit. Then on the date that you chose an e-mail will arrive with your letter.

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