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How to Keep yourself away from time wasting websites ?

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Are you addicted to a website? Want to cut down on your visits? You can with keepmeout. It is an online application that can help you overcome addiction of visiting certain websites (Gmail, Facebook, Digg, Myspace, etc.) too frequently. It starts sending you warning alerts when you visit such sites too often.
It can block access to URLs via bookmarks on weekdays or all days. Easy two-step set up. Gives statistics for successful and unsuccessful attempts at reaching URL but, Doesn't prevent access to sites when you type a URL directly into the address bar. Doesn't prevent internal domain links to subpages. Doesn't kick you off a URL after a predefined time period. KeepMeOut might make some people think twice before they access a Web site, but it doesn't actually keep them out. It's more a sad reminder that you'd like to have more self-discipline but don't.

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