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Tips to make sure you could trust someone

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Is it the right time to fall for him or her ? Is it the time you should present your real self naked and unguarded in front of the person and, reveal all your secrets. Here we present some tips that you might follow to know whether you should trust him/her or not.

Signs to make sure you could trust that person.

  1. You know that person from at least a year or two.

    If you both met few months go or few weeks ago, then take your time, know the person to the best you can. Then only, judge him/her and i bet you could remain pretty sure about the decision you took. Don't be a Speedy Singh and jump in the pool if there ain't any water.
  2. Make sure that person never lied to you.

    Ya I know I know, there are some circumstances they could've lied to you (just for fun) or they could've but you don't know they if they had.

    That lie didn't hurt us but, the truth that's hidden behind that lie hurts. If he/she lied to you to hide something then, he/she could do the same in future also.
  3. He/She likes to spend time with you.

    If he/she is with you when you need him/her and NOT always when he/she needs you, or he/she likes to spend time with you. That person cares. You're going on the right track.
  4. That person respects you

    Mind it...if he/she doesn't respect you now then, he/she never will and I think you don't want to be with that Moron.
  5. When He/She communicates with you, most of the time, want something.

    If this is the case then you could be pretty sure, the person is using you and you're on wrong side of the tracks.
  6. He/She could remain uncomfortable to make you happy.

    If that person could make you happy at cost of his/her comfort then there's nothing more than this to make you sure of this that, you could TRUST him/her. Leaving is easier than being uncomfortable.
  7. If that person is totally different in real and virtual(FB, SMS, etc.) worlds.

    You should NOT trust him/her. It's what we can call multi-personality nature. You don't know which side of them is REAL THEM.
  8. Question yourself, if you can share your secrets with them ?

    If you could then you could trust them too.
  9. Are you yourself ready for this ?

    Only go on with this kinda stuff when you know you're ready for sharing YOU and knowing HIM/HER. Many a times, it's just excitement and you commit yourself in the relationship and later think, you were not ready. Then, it'd be of no use.

Let me tell you, after those three words you take your relationship to the next level and can't step back.

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